Social Security Benefits Handbook online edition 
What You Want To Know - What You Need To Know
Chapter Four Applications
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Basic Benefits
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Retirement Benefits- Sect. 202

Disability Benefits - Sect. 203

Spouse's Benefits - Sect 204 & ff.

Child's Benefits - Sect. 205 & ff.

Parent's Benefits - Sect. 206

Lump Sum Death Benefit- Sect. 208



Section 401 - In General

Section 402 The Protective Filing Statement

Section 403 Who May File an Application

Section 404.1 When to File An Application -In General

Section 404.2 When to File for Retirement Benefits

Section 404.3 When to File for Medicare

Section 404.4 When to File for Survivor Benefits

Section 404.5 When to File for Spouse’s and Child’s Benefits

Section 404.6 When to File for Disability Benefits

Section 405 When You Do Not Have To File An Application

Section 406 Retroactivity of Applications

Section 406.1 Retroactivity and Retirement and Survivors

Section 406.2 Retroactivity and Disability

Section 407 Rules on Medicare Enrollment

Section 408 When to Start Your Benefits- The Month of Election

Section 409.1 Required Documents In General

Section 409.2 Required Documents For Filing A Retirement Claim

Section 409.3 Required Documents For Filing A Wife/Husband’s Claim

Section 409.4 Required Documents
for Filing a Widow(er)’s Claim

Section 409.5 Required Documents For Filing A Child’s or Parent’s Claim

Section 409.6 Required Documents for Filing a Disability Claim

Section 410 Proof of Age Rules

Section 411 Proof of Marriage Rules

Section 412 Special Problems For Business Owners

Section 413 Processing Time Frames

Section 414 Withdrawal of Application

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