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Chapter 1

The Social Security Administration

Section 101 In General

Section 102 Internal Offices

Section 103 Telephone Services

Section 104 Internet Website

Section 105 Field Offices

Section 106 The Programs Operations Manual

Chapter 2

Eligibility Requirements

Section 201 In General

Section 202 Retirement Benefits

Section 203 Disability Benefits

Section 204 Spouse's Benefits

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Section 204.1 Spouse Age 62 and Over

Section 204.2 Spouse Benefits;
With Child in Care

Section 204.3 Divorced Spouses Benefits

Section 204.4 Widow(er): Age 60 and Over

Section 204.5 Mothers/Fathers Benefits:
With Child in Care

Section 204.6 Disabled Widow(er)s
Benefits: Age 50 through 59

Section 204.7 Divorced Widow(er)s'

Section 205 Child's Benefits

Section 205.1 Under Age 18

Section 205.2 High School Student

Section 205.3 Disabled Adult Child

Section 205.4 Grandchildren

Section 206 Parents Benefits

Section 207.1 Medicare Generally

Section 207.2 Hospital Insurance

Section 207.3 Medical Insurance

Section 208 The Lump Sum Death Payment

Section 209 Being Age 62
"Throughout the Month"

Section 210 The Marriage Requirement

Section 211 Exceptions to the
One-Year Duration of Marriage
For Spouses' Benefits

Section 212 Exceptions to the
Nine Month Duration of Marriage
Requirement for Widow(er)s' Benefits

Section 213 The "Child in Care"

Section 214 The Child Relationship Requirement

Section 215 Dependency Requirements: Children and Grandchildren

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Chapter 3

Entitlement on More Than One Account

Section 301 In General

Section 302 On Your Own Earnings
Record and as a Wife/Husband

Section 303 On Your Own Account and to Widow(er)s Benefits

Section 304 As a Spouse and as a

Section 305 As a Spouse and as an

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Section 306 As the Widow(er) of
Two or More Workers

Section 307 Disability Benefits
and to Retirement Benefits

Section 308 Child Entitled on
More Than One Account

Section 309 Other Combinations
of Benefits

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Chapter 4


Section 401 In General

Section 402 The Protective Filing

Section 403 Who May File an Application

Section 404.1 When to File an
Application In General

Section 404.2 When to File for
Retirement Benefits

Section 404.3 When to File for

Section 404.4 When to File for Survivor Benefits

Section 404.5 When to File for
Spouses and Child Benefits

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Section 404.6 When to File for
Disability Benefits

Section 405 When You Dont Have to
File an Application

Section 406 Retroactivity of

Section 406.1 Retroactivity and
Retirement and Survivors

Section 406.2 Retroactivity and

Section 407 Rules on Medicare Enrollment

Section 408 When to Start Your
Benefits- The Month of Election

Section 409.1 Required Documents
in General

Section 409.2 Required Documents
for Filing a Retirement Claim

Section 409.3 Required Documents
for Filing a Wife/Husbands Claim

Section 409.4 Required Documents
for Filing a Widow(er)s Claim

Section 409.5 Required Documents
for Filing a Childs or Parents Claim

Section 409.6 Required Documents
for Filing a Disability Claim

Section 410 Proof of Age Rules

Section 411 Proof of Marriage Rules

Section 412 Special Problems for
Business Owners

Section 413 Processing Time Frames

Section 414 Withdrawal of Application

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Chapter 5

Disability Benefits: Special Provisions

Section 501 In General

Section 502 Definition of Disability

Section 503 The Earnings Record "Freeze"

Section 504 Substantial Gainful Activity

Section 504.1 Substantial Gainful
Activity - Special Rules for the Blind

Section 505 The Date of Onset

Section 506 The "Unsuccessful Work

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Section 507 The Waiting Period

Section 508 The Closed Period of

Section 509 The Trial Work Period

Section 510 The Re-entitlement Period

Section 511 The Effect of Workers Compensation Benefits

Section 512 The Effect of Other
Kinds of Benefits or Payments

Section 513 When Disability Benefits

Section 514 The Continuing Disability

Section 515 The Ticket To Work

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Chapter 6

Insured Status: The Work Requirement

Section 601 The Work Requirement
In General

Section 602 Fully Insured Status

Section 603 Currently Insured Status

Section 604 Disability Insured Status

Section 605.1 Quarters of Coverage in General

Section 605.2 Quarters of Coverage
- Pre 1978 for Employees

Section 605.3 Quarters of Coverage
- Post 1977 for Employees

Section 605.4 Quarters of Coverage
for the Self-Employed

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Chapter 7

Benefit Amounts

Section 701 Benefit Amounts in General

Section 702 Computation of Benefits

Section 702.1 The Primary Insurance

Section 702.2 The Basic Computation

Section 702.3 Other Computation Formulas

Section 702.4 The Effect of Having
Years With No Earnings

Section 702.5 How to Double-Check Your Benefit Amount

Section 703.1 Reductions for Age
- Benefits Before Full Retirement Age

Section 703.2 Reduction for Age
- Retirement Benefits

Section 703.3 Reduction for Age
- Spouses Benefits

Section 703.4 Reduction for Age
Widow(er)s' Benefits

Section 703.5 How Taking Reduced
Retirement Benefit Will Affect Other Benefits

Section 703.6 How Taking Reduced Widows' Benefits Will Affect Your Own Benefit

Section 703.7 The Family Maximum

Section 704.1 Recomputations in General

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Section 704.2 Cost of Living
Increases Section 704.3 Adjustment for
Earnings After Entitlement

Section 704.4 Refiguring the Age
Reduction at Full Retirement Age

Section 704.5 Refiguring the Age
Reduction for Widow(er)s at Age 65

Section 704.6 Delayed Retirement

Section 704.7 How to Expedite
Adjustments for Earnings After

Section 705.1 Deductions in General

Section 705.2 Deductions Because
of Earnings

Section 705.3 Deductions from Disability Benefits for Workers Compensation or Disability Payments

Section 705.4 Deductions from Spouses
and Widows Benefits Due to a Government Pension

Section 705.5 Deductions to Recover an Overpayment

Section 705.6 Deductions for Medicare Premiums

Section 705.7 Rounding Down

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Chapter 8

Earnings Limitations

Section 801 The Earnings Test in General

Section 802.1 Earnings Limits - Under Full Retirement Age

Section 802.2 Earnings Limits Year of Attainment of Full Retirement Age

Section 802.3 Earnings Limits After Full Retirement Age

Section 803 How Earnings Are Charged
Against Monthly Benefits

Section 803.1 Pro-Rating

Section 804 The Monthly Earnings Test

Section 805 Income That Counts

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Section 806 Income That Doesn't Count

Section 807 When Earnings are Counted

Section 808 Self-Employment Income and Losses

Section 809 Special Problems For
Business Owners

Section 810 Special Rule For The
Year of Death

Section 811 Work Outside the U.S. 

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