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Chapter 9

Reporting Requirements

Section 901 Reporting Requirements in General

Section 902.1 Reporting Earnings
in General

Section 902.2 When to Report Earnings

Section 902.3 Annual Report of Earnings

Section 903 Late Filing - Penalties

Section 904 Reporting Changes in Marital Status

Section 905 Reporting Changes in Student Status

Section 906 Reporting Child Not in Care

Section 907 Reporting Death

Section 908 Reporting Changes in
Disability Cases

Section 909 Reporting Work Outside
the U.S.

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Chapter 10

Payment, Non-Payment and
Non- Receipt of Checks

Section 1001 Checks in General

Section 1002 The First Check

Section 1003 Regular Monthly Checks

Section 1004 Combined Checks

Section 1005 Special Checks

Section 1006 Direct Deposit

Section 1007 Non-Payment - In General

Section 1008 Suspension of Benefits

Section 1009 Termination of Benefits

Section 1010 Lost or Stolen Checks

Section 1011 What to Do if Your Check Doesn't Come

Section 1012 Replacement Checks

Section 1013 Expedited Payments

Section 1014 When to Go to Your

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Chapter 11


Section 1101 Overpayments in General

Section 1102 Common Causes of

Section 1103 Overpayment Procedures

Section 1104 Waiver of Overpayment

Section 1105 "Without Fault"

Section 1106 "Against Equity and Good Conscience"

Section 1107 "Defeat the Purpose of
Title II"

Section 1108 Guidelines on Assets

Section 1109 Guidelines on Income and Expenses

Section 1110 The Compromise Settlement

Section 1111 Guidelines for Accepting Compromise Offers

Section 1112 Repayment

Section 1113 Deductions

Section 1114 Installments

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Chapter 12


Section 1201 Medicare in General

Section 1202 Hospital Insurance

Section 1203 Medical Insurance

Section 1203.1 Prescription Drug Coverage

Section 1204 Private Health Insurance

Section 1205 What is Not Covered

Section 1206 Assignment of Benefits

Section 1207 When to File Claims

Section 1208 Processing of Claims

Section 1209 The Medicare Card 

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Chapter 13
The Appeals Process

Section 1301 Appeals in General

Section 1302 What You Can and
Cannot Appeal

Section 1303 The Reconsideration

Section 1304 The Personal Conference - Overpayment Cases

Section 1305 The Hearing

Section 1306 Appeals Council Review

Section 1307 Court Review

Section 1308 Time Limits

Section 1309 Reopening Closed Cases

Section 1310 Attorneys

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Chapter 14
Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 1401 Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Section 1402 Black Lung Benefits

Section 1403 Benefit Estimates

Section 1404 Obtaining Your
Earnings Record

Section 1405 Correcting Your
Earnings Record

Section 1406 Reporting Change of Address

Section 1407 Claims Numbers and
Beneficiary Identification Codes

Section 1408 Who Gets Benefits Due a Deceased Beneficiary

Section 1409 Taxation of Social Security Benefits

Section 1410 Immunity of Benefits from Creditors

Section 1411 Criminal Penalties for Fraud

Section 1411.1 Administrative Sanctions

Section 1412 Foreign Social
Security Credits

Section 1413 Railroad Employment

Section 1414 Receiving Benefits for
Someone Else - The Representative Payee

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A - 1 List of Secondary Proof of Age

A - 2 Chart 1- Earnings Required for a Quarters of Coverage
Chart 2- Number of Quarters For Insured Status For Disability or Survivor Benefits For People Born in 1930 or Later
Chart 3- Disability Insured Status

A - 3 List of FICA Yearly Maximums
(Maximum Earnings Subject to Social
Security Tax)

A - 4 Sample Benefit Amounts

A - 5 Reduction Factors:
Chart 1 Retirement Benefits
Chart 2- Wife/Husbands Benefits
Chart 3- Widow(er)s Benefits

A - 6 Cost of Living Increases

A - 7 Earnings Limits by Year (including Monthly Limits)

A - 8 List of Most Common Beneficiary Identification Codes

A - 9 Chart Summarizing the Effect of Marriage Between Beneficiaries

A - 10 Delayed Retirement Credits

A - 11 Medicare Premiums and Deductibles

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