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202 Retirement Benefits 
Basic Benefits
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Retirement Benefits- Sect. 202

Disability Benefits - Sect. 203

Spouse's Benefits - Sect 204 & ff.

Child's Benefits - Sect. 205 & ff.

Parent's Benefits - Sect. 206

Lump Sum Death Benefit- Sect. 208


    1. You are at least age 62 throughout the month. Usually you are not eligible until the month after your 62nd birthday, see Section 209 for more information.

    2. You have enough work covered by Social Security to be "fully insured." Generally, this means that you have worked for at least 10 years, see Section 602 for more information.

3. You file an application. See Chapter 4 for a discussion of the filing rules, especially the limits on retroactivity. See Section 404.2 for more information.

Benefit Amount: 100% of the Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) at Full Retirement Age, reduced for age before Full Retirement Age. Benefits vary greatly depending on the work record. See Chapter 7 for a full discussion.

Termination: Entitlement ends with the month before the month of death. See Section 1009 for a discussion of the rules about payments at termination.

Other Names: Old Age Insurance Benefits; Retirement Insurance Benefits.

Beneficiary Identification Code (Section 1407): A

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