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204 Spouse's Benefits 
Basic Benefits
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Retirement Benefits- Sect. 202

Disability Benefits - Sect. 203

Spouse's Benefits - Sect 204 & ff.

Child's Benefits - Sect. 205 & ff.

Parent's Benefits - Sect. 206

Lump Sum Death Benefit- Sect. 208

Spouses, widows, widowers, divorced spouses and surviving divorced spouses (who were divorced from a worker before his or her death) may under certain circumstances be eligible for benefits on the other spouse’s earning record.  Click on the section below for the particular requirements for the specific type of Spouse’s benefits.

§ 204.1
Spouse Age 62 and Over 
§ 204.2 Spouse Benefits; With Child in Care 
§ 204.3 Divorced Spouses Benefits 
§ 204.4 Widow(er): Age 60 and Over 
§ 204.5 Mothers/Fathers Benefits: With Child in Care 
§ 204.6 Disabled Widow(er)s' Benefits: Age 50 through 59 
§ 204.7 Divorced Widow(er)s' Benefits
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