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203 Disability 
Basic Benefits
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Retirement Benefits- Sect. 202

Disability Benefits - Sect. 203

Spouse's Benefits - Sect 204 & ff.

Child's Benefits - Sect. 205 & ff.

Parent's Benefits - Sect. 206

Lump Sum Death Benefit- Sect. 208


    1. You are under Full Retirement Age (at Full Retirement Age the benefit is converted to an unreduced retirement benefit, even if you are still disabled).

    2. You have enough work covered by Social Security to meet the special disability insured status (Section 604). Generally, you must have worked at least 5 years within the preceding 10 year period.

    3. You file an application. See Chapter 4 for a discussion of the filing rules, especially the limits on retroactivity. See Section 404.6.

    4. You are totally and permanently disabled for any employment. "Permanent" means that the disability is expected to last at least a year, or result in death. See Section 502.

    5. You have been totally disabled for at least five months (Section 507).

Benefit Amount: 100% of the Primary Insurance Amount.See Chapter 7 for a full discussion of computations of benefits. The disability benefit is not reduced for age but is subject to offset in some cases. See Sections 511 - 512 for the effect of workers compensation benefits or other disability benefits.

Termination: Entitlement ends with:

    1. The month before you reach Full Retirement Age. (You then are switched automatically to Retirement benefits).

    2. The second month after the disability ceases. See Section 513 for a discussion of the payment rules at the time of cessation of disability.

    3. The month before the month of death. See Section 1009 for a discussion of the rules about payments at termination.

Other Names: Disability Insurance Benefits; Disabled Worker Benefits.

Beneficiary Identification Code (Section 1407) : HA

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