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    Welcome to my online book about Social Security Benefits!

 My goal is to provide well organized, practical information for social security beneficiaries, applicants and those professionals who serve them.  

    I have organized this material into 14 topical chapters.  Scroll down to see the list of chapters with links to the content.   Each chapter is subdivided into sections.  Click onto the Index of Contents button above to see the index of all sections.    
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Basic Benefits
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Retirement Benefits- Sect. 202

Disability Benefits - Sect. 203

Spouse's Benefits - Sect 204 & ff.

Child's Benefits - Sect. 205 & ff.

Parent's Benefits - Sect. 206

Lump Sum Death Benefit- Sect. 208

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    The Social Security Benefits Handbook is available in print (Sourcebooks, 5th ed.).  Also available in print is the Social Security Answer Book, a collection of 200 frequently asked questions with straightforward answers.  They can be purchased in bookstores or by clicking on the picture-ads to buy them from Amazon. 

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